Maybe you haven’t yet experienced the wonder that is natural therapies, one to one massage, acupuncture and cupping with the sole purpose of helping you to feel better.

Our Mission

The mission of Health Rediscovered

The mission of Health Rediscovered, and why Paula opened the Glasgow multi disciplinary clinic, offering acupuncture, sports massage, pregnancy massage, cupping etc is to help END suffering, to help you get better – in actual fact, to take it one step further – to help you regain your VITALITY.

Health is not a static thing, our bodies are FOREVER trying to repair and heal, to be as well as possible and it needs our help! The elements of vitality include our the foods we eat, the fluids we drink, our mindset, our emotional state, the movement we do (and how repetitively we do/don’t do it), the rest we take, the media we consume (some is geared to keep us feeling stressed), the air we breathe!

Our bodies talk to us, give us signals to tell us when things aren’t quite right and we are often VERY good at ignoring them. It is our job as therapists to hear those oh so subtle signs of disharmony, and help get your unstuck, this often means in addition to the hands on work we do, we will offer advice on anything from the bed you sleep in to the foods you eat and everything in between that will help YOU take back the power, to learn to listen to your body and adapt allowing you to step into your vitality.

We can also tell you that we have (between us all) decades of experience , that we are results focused – we work at different levels to not only reduce your pain, but get to the root of the problem to stop it recurring.

We have worked with a HUGE variety of folks from and around Glasgow, and those that have chosen Glasgow as a holiday destination or to live, helping them get free from pain so they can sleep better, play with the grandkids, perform that sport/exercise better, to start enjoying life again as the anxiety is no longer preventing them from going out and about, and we have lots of reviews of our work at Health Rediscovered.

Thankfully, you don’t have to take our word for how amazing we are – we have plenty of reviews, as well as scientific documentation to back up what we do.

Thankfully, you don’t have to take our word for how amazing we are – we have plenty of reviews, as well as scientific documentation to back up what we do.

What people say about Health Rediscovered

Reviews of Health Rediscovered What our patients say about us..

Paula was recommended to me by a friend. I have been suffering from sciatica brought on by periformis syndrome since the start of November. After 5 sessions I have recovered mobility and managed to come off my pain killers (gabapentin, cocodamol and diazepam). Utterly amazed at how well and quickly this has worked. Paula is friendly and knowledgeable and put me at ease during our sessions. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thanks Paula.

Laura S, Virologist Glasgow

Hi my names Tracy Carroll and I’ve really struggled with bad Achilles tendonitis for several years.My job requires me to be on my feet constantly as well as my own training, so my legs in general get worked constantly. Michelle started work on my injury and she has been amazing. After my sessions I got very quick pain relief however during it she worked on my legs hard but it was worth it as i felt i had a brand new leg.Michelle is very easy to chat to and the great thing is she’s very willing to share her knowledge with you which I love as it gives me a better understanding of what’s happening and going on with my body. I can’t thank her enough and I highly reccomend her. She’s a magician!Thanks again Michelle        

tracy C, Personal Trainer, linwood

Just had an amazing experience I went in with tightness all down my back and hips with stress and have left feeling like a new person Michelle has magic hands that work wonders.

Jacqueline R, Social Worker, Barrhead

Paula is great, she really knows her stuff and I HIGHLY recommend her acupuncture. I hadn’t had it before and we had a thorough pre call to ascertain my needs and then in our actual session she explained what she was doing and why. If you’re nervous like I was whether it would hurt…rest assured it doesn’t and shouldn’t. I felt like a spring chicken afterwards which is great and now get how acupuncture will help my overall well-being. The centre is really close to Central Station, Glasgow so is super easy too, so it’s a winner in all respects.

Colette r., Coach, Paisley

The science to support what we do..

Not only do we have lots of reviews of our work at Health Rediscovered, but there is lots of scientific evidence to support the tool, techniques and protocols we use as part of our treatments. Science is, to Paula’s mind, the study of how and why things work and the current gold standard is to have a “Randomised Control Trial” (RCT), it helps to reduce potential biases and increases the likelihood that the thing being examined (i.e the technique in our case) is the thing that is made the difference by trying to control as many other factors as possible. Arguably, this is very difficult when it comes to human health – all other things are NOT equal when someone has knee pain for example and as such if you’ve ever read any research it almost invariably concludes with ‘more research needed’.

The nature of RTC’s means that they look at a very specific symptom when looking at health, and control the age, gender, and as many other factors as they can. These trials are expensive, and time consuming, and the nature of research means that there is ALWAYS more needed and more continually being done. These general limits to research reduce/limit what we can say we can “treat” – as there has to be a significant body of evidence to support what we can say, which is a great thing – means folks can’t LIE in their advertising!

How we get results: evidence based practice.

Michelle and Paula both practice evidence based medicine, the techniques and tools we use are well documented in their effectiveness of treating certain conditions, and with our expert knowledge we can extrapolate this to also treat things that have yet to get the scientific backing.

For acupuncture the best resource Paula has found, and use is The summaries are great for non academics, and those interested can get information on the trials to read more should they wish