Paula has worked in a variety of clinics over the years, mostly in Glasgow, but also worked in Bothwell, and Manchester. She started with just 3 hours a week at Woodland Herbs and built up from there. In 2014 she took the plunge and opened her own space and works with other therapists with their own magical skills to help you in whatever way we can to ensure you are receiving the best of care, in a safe, inclusive non judgemental space in the heart of Glasgow city centre.


acupuncture, pregnancy massage, abdominal massage.


Paula the acupuncturist out in the woods.
Out in the woods, enjoying the power stance.

My interest in complementary therapies was ignited while living in South Korea. I attended a daily exercise class, similar to yoga, and also began having massages, acupuncture and other energy work (quite like Reiki). As my time in South Korea came to an end, I wanted to keep my connection to the healing arts going and looked into how I could turn what I valued into a career. I continue to work using acupuncture, massage and even now some osteopathic techniques as well as continued emotional support, a great sounding board – (I’m annoyingly good at seeing other options) and mentoring to help the people that choose to work with me to get free from what ails them – be that pain, anxiety, problems in pregnancy, digestive discomfort etc , along with having a strong referral network to help you in any way possible.


Golden Acupuncture model

This was the start of my most important journey, from my Honours level Psychology Degree at Strathclyde (2001) onto Salford University (2007) to study for a Bachelor in Science Degree (again with Honours) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture). While at Salford, I added to all this with certificated courses in Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage.

After 4 years, I achieved my ambition and was a qualified therapist, but I knew there was even more to learn. I could feel it. So, I travelled east again, this time to the People’s Republic of China and the world-renowned Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here, I completed the Beijing International Acupuncture Training Course and benefited immeasurably from working in the home of acupuncture.

With further training in facial acupuncture, specialised weight management and numerous courses to assist with enhancing fertility and treating pregnancy-related concerns, I am always continuing my professional development. Nothing pleases me more than expanding and refining my knowledge and understanding of the human body and its routes to health, and seeing how this knowledge helps others.

“Paula is a fantastic therapist. She is always professional, very approachable, keen to help and offer advice when asked. She always makes you feel important and at ease when being treated. I have had no hesitation in recommending Paula to my friends and family.”

“I found Paula very friendly which makes the treatment comfortable and more relaxing”

“Paula really helped me. Having struggled to conceive for a year, I fell pregnant after only a few months of accupuncture. Paula is very knowledgeable and professional while being extremely friendly and easy to talk to. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

“Paula gave me acupuncture in my late stages of pregnancy – found it really relaxing and totally worthwhile. Would definitely have it again!”

“Can say without a doubt that acupuncture saved my life after many years of suffering!”

“Paula changed my life and I will always be grateful to her”

“I have already recommended Paula to a few friends, her advice was excellent. Very professional and friendly.”


As a therapist, my previous training in psychology gives me considerable insight into ‘mental health’ problems, including depression, anxiety & stress.

I also enjoy the challenges of pain management – nothing is better than seeing someone get up from the bed and instantly feeling better!

Of course, getting a picture of a tiny baby in the arms of a brand-new family always warms my wee heart too, so I can’t help but love working to assist fertility.

I’ve had the privilege of working with individuals with paralysis from neck injuries within Southern General Hospital, which I have found to be both rewarding and challenging.

I’m fortunate that all the different areas of my work bring so much joy and release from suffering.

In March 2012, I appeared on the MacAuley & Co show on BBC Radio Scotland to help listeners get a better understanding of Traditional Acupuncture – even got to treat the staff live on air!

In 2014, I took the huge leap and opened my very own clinic in the heart of Glasgow city centre and am loving the new challenges that brings (paperwork!)

In September 2016, I was interviewed by the Daily Mail. They wanted to know all about cupping, and what it can do, following the spark of interest created by the Olympic athlete.

Published 2020 in magazine about womens empowerment

In addition to truly LOVING my vocation as an acupuncturist and all that entails, but its not all I am… I have been described as your friendly ‘atypical’ therapist – in addition to meditation, yoga, spending time in nature – I do also partake in the occasional alcoholic beverage, some daily caffeine and I do love tasty food, which may not always be the ‘healthiest’ choice! I don’t wear tie-dye, I probably swear too much, I usually have some sort of ‘weird/unusual’ hair colour and I definitely like to stand on my soapbox now and again! And I do all this while managing chronic health conditions.

Getting to know the non work Paula

I love spending time with my dogs – going for walks – the beach and woodland being my fav too.. I can loose hours watching the waves – if the dogs let me.

I do love a bit of candy crush and lemmings on my down time.

I love to craft and diy and am regularly repurposing stuff into other stuff hahaha

Im not afraid to try my hand to just about anything DIY or craft related – and am regularly repurposing stuff into other stuff.. most recently a headboard into a step for my dogs to get in and out of bed easier, tires into a garden seat AND a raised flower bed! (I still have 2 tires left over I plan to turn into cute wee mushroom style seats.. but don’t hold your breathe!) Shelving into a fire pit – (can you tell I suddenly had lots of time to spend pottering in my garden.. mid 2020!)

When its not so nice out – I do enjoy a bit of origami and have made flowers for a few friends weddings (and mine!)

I am also on a non stop journey of ‘self improvement’, I most definitely am ALMOST always willing to grow, change and learn, and it often also enhances my treatments with patients.